One throw while shrimping in the Saint Johns River. We had a blast! Our limit was caught and we had shrimp dinner for days.


From Catfish to Sheepshead we catch them all!

There is always something to see while with Good Time Charters. From otters to crab, dolphin to sea turtles, an array of fish and watching the most beautiful sunsets.

Friendly Otters

Otters coming up to check out our catch of the day. This is a male and a pregnant female coming up to see if they can sweet talk us into any scraps.......they succeeded. 

Fish On!

As soon as the line hit the water it was fish on. Reel Reel Reel !!!


From Blue Crab to Stone Crab we love doing both. So if you are interested in pulling up a trap let us know!

Spec Fishing

Spec fishing at Lochloosa. 

Catching Bait Fish

Fishing is not all about putting a worm on the hook. Sometimes it is just as fun catching the bait as it is catching the BIG fish.

One Fish, Two Fish. RED Fish, Blue Fish.

Red Drum caught at Doctors inlet. Keeper !!!

Our Promise to You

Good Time Charters will do our best to make sure you have a great time. Fish and scallops move locations periodically. It is our job to find them. We will keep you on the fish and scallops, as they move so do we! There is never a guarantee on fish or weather. We will move locations or change dates if need.

Nice Throw

Shrimping at Doctors Inlet.

First Fish Ever!

Spec Fishing in Santa Fe. this little man caught a little guy all by himself.

Trout Fishing

Trout fishing because we can! What a fun catch!

Hanging out at the Sandbar

Went for a swim at the sandbar. Always a fun hang out place. Good music, good people!

Another Sight to See

Watch out he will eat you catch. He loves leftovers! Don't leave you catch alone on the dock with this one.


What a beautiful morning. headed out at first light.


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